Expression E.R.F. Custom 5 String Bass

This is an Expression Single Cut model bass which has been custom specified for Sydney musician Eric Riel Fortaleza. It features an Oregon walnut burl top showing the English walnut graft line. English walnut trees are grafted onto North American walnut root stock to allow them to grow in North American soil. As the tree grows, so does the ‘V’ graft line producing an unusual mix of the two species in one piece of wood. Materials and construction method were maximised to deliver on weight without compromising the basses sonic qualities – attack, clarity and sustain. Unique to this bass is its customised playing ramp. To allow pickup covers and ramp to be cut from the actual top for continuous grain, the ramp was made to be adjustable from level with the body to as high as the pickups.

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Neck: Figured Maple/Wenge with proprietary carbon internal beams and titanium light weight truss rod option.
Scale Length: 34 in/863.6mm
Fretboard: Madagascar Rosewood with Red Abalone dot inlays
Body: Oregon Walnut w/graft front & rear cap/Old Growth Australian Cedar body core with front cap bent over arm bend.
Head Veneers/Truss Rod Cover: Bookmatched matching Oregon Walnut
Head Rear Inlay: Custom ‘ERF’ Monogram inlay in Mother of Pearl
Pickup Covers and Ramp: Continuous cover option cut from top cap on Figured Australian Yarron base
Rear Control Cover: Continuous cover option cut from back cap
Control Knobs: Hand made Figured Australian Yarron/matching Oregon Walnut cap with matching Red Abalone position inlays.
Electronics: Aguilar OBP3 3 band active preamp
Pickups: Aguilar DCB Ceramic Dual Coil/Formvar.
Hardware: Hipshot Ultralite tuners and Style A Bridge.
Total Weight: 3.89kgs ( 8.57lb)