I offer quality repair work on vintage and modern instruments. If I could call anything my specialty it would be my attention to detail.

Whether it’s rewinding a vintage pickup to sound and look just as it once did or repairing older non-sympathetic repairs to allow a vintage instrument to perform and look its appropriate age or repairing a brand new high end instrument to still look brand new, my most common and rewarding customer feedback from players, collectors and dealers is that they can’t tell where the repair work was done.

The scope of my repair work includes, but is not limited to, the following areas;

  • acoustic and electric neck re-setting backed by over 20 years of experience
  • major damage repairs
  • full restorations on historic and modern instruments
  • re-fretting
  • custom inlay
  • vintage correct pickup rewinding and restoration
  • custom build projects
Please note that due to the amount of the above work I receive, I am not able to offer setup-only type work.
Warranty Repairs

Proudly representing the following brands of quality guitars;

Taylor Guitars – San Diego  I am also able to offer factory endorsed repairs and retrofits of Taylor’s ‘Expression System’ to their guitars.

Martin & Co – Pensylvania

Collings Guitars – Austin Texas

Santa Cruz Guitars – Santa Cruz