Robert Magargal

Service Network Manager – Taylor Guitars

“Jeff Mallia has been working with me for warranty services through Taylor Guitars for over 15 years. When I hear his name all I think of is quality, integrity and trust. He is a true craftsman in every sense of the word.”

David Knopfler

Founding Member of Dire Straits

“Jeff is the guitar doctor of guitar doctors. I’ve never seen such awesome work – and all done under intense time pressure with a terrific bedside manner.”

Steven Carletti

Vice President of Global Sales: C.F. Martin & Co.

“I’ve had the pleasure of personally visiting Jeff’s workshop to see the extraordinary work he does.  I highly recommend Jeff as a benchmark of quality craftsmanship!”

John McConnell

Australian Sound Engineer & Guitarist

Jeff Mallia is in the tradition of the great artisans of the past. He’s worked on all my guitars, some nearly 70 years old, & done a remarkable job. He takes justifiable pride in his work, which is incomparable, especially his restoration work. No matter how good your guitar is, it’ll be better when you get it back from Jeff.

Steve Hunter

Bassist, Composer, Producer

“I have played basses built by Jeff for over 20 years now. The only two basses I own are Mallia 4 strings. I can easily embrace the idea that they’re my life time instruments. He loves what he does and really gets inside what it is you’re looking for as a player. Actually, he challenges you to answer for yourself what it is you’re looking for in the pending instrument. Once you’re both clear on that, he just nails it. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of his instruments. They look and feel great and play beautifully. They respond to subtle variations in touch. I have used them on dozens of albums and hundreds of live performances, etc.”

Dean Thomas

Recording Artist

“Jeff Mallia’s restoration work is beautiful. Pity you can’t see it.”

Jeff King

Foreday Riders

“…just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with the repair you conducted on my dobro neck. I appreciate the effort you went to and realise you could have just given it ‘band-aid’ treatment. Thanks again.”

Peter Woolnough

Aurora Guitars

“Jeff’s work is as good as it gets, seriously good. Made all the better by the fact, that he is a seriously good human being as well.”

Hunter Owens

From the award-winning duo Hunter & Suzy Owens

“I first became aware of Jeff Mallia’s extraordinary luthier skills when I played an early 20th Century Gibson mandocello that he had done major neck repairs to. I immediately realised that I could trust any vintage instrument I had with him. Over the years he has done significant repairs to my 1989 Dan Crary Signature Taylor and 1969 Martin D-18 guitars and more recently, a major restoration of a recently-acquired 1972 Martin D-28. His eye for detail, historic instrumental knowledge and passion for optimising the sound of every instrument and customising it for the individual player’s style places him second to none amongst the top luthiers in Australia.”

Christine Wheeler

Christine Wheeler and Friends

“Jeff is a master craftsman. He loves guitars, he understands how to get the best out of each instrument, and he’s endlessly curious about finding out more. I would trust him with any kind of repair on my Martin guitar.”


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