Book matching buckeye burl for a new bass build.... looks like a starry night. #mallialutherie #boutiquebass #luthiery #australianmade #whatsonyourbench
I had the good fortune to make a substantial purchase of old growth Brazilian Rosewood recently.  This stuff was cut over 30 years ago. A worthy investment  for future projects. This stuff rings!! #luthier #rosewood. #acousticguitar #customguitar
Looking back at the last month or so it’s been a bit frantic.  So many new vintage martin restorations coming in and new instrument builds both basses and acoustic guitars. It was a Huge privilege to have the president of Martin Guitars in Pennsylvania-Jacqueline Renner and friend and VP of sales for Australia Ric Forero come to my workshop for a visit. It meant a lot to me that they would take the time to visit and followed up with a great dinner by the beautiful Sydney Harbour.  #martinguitars #workshopvisit #squireslanding #luthier.
Christmas has come early thanks to Chris at @elevatelutherie.  I’ve been looking forward to using this  binding jig and sander. They will get a run very soon. Very nicely made tools. #luthier #whatsonyourbench #elevatelutherie #guitarbuilding #guitarmaker
Working on some more new orders.  Modified 00 in Tassie Blackwood and a custom arch top semi acoustic 5 string custom bass in the background. Busy as hell but so much fun.  #luthier #lutherie #australianmade #guitar #customguitar #whatsonyourbench #tasmanianblackwood
Not a musical post but a Mallia bass owner who happens to be quite senior at NASA’s JPL in Pasadena took my best mate Greg and I on a personal tour of the facility when I was in the US 6 weeks ago. We got to see just how much goes into projects like the InSight probe that landed today.  For a tech geek like me this place was truly mind blowing and a bit surreal. Was a real privilege to see and just reminds me of the amazing people and places music can take you...#marsnguitars #getoutoftheworkshop #luthierontour #amazingengineers
This nice old Guild Jumbo suffered a book falling onto it from a great height. Approximately 20 pieces/splinters all assembled back together likes jigsaw puzzle. After some steam and careful clamping to coax the fibres back to flat again followed by gluing and finish touch up work it turned out very nicely. #luthier #mallialutherie #lutherie #guildguitars #guitarrepair #spruce  #badbook
On my recent US Trip I drove out to Redlands CA to visit old friend Carey Nordstrand. Carey makes amazing basses and pickups which I have been using for over the past decade. I have an immense respect for this guy - a great player, engineer/maker and audio recording engineer. Also got to try the prototype of his short scale Acinonyx bass guitar. It’s huge sound belies it’s physical size/scale. #nordstrandpickups #luthierontour #getoutoftheworkshop #acinonyxbass
Last factory visit on my recent US trip was to Taylor Guitars in El Cajon San Diego.  I’ve been involved with these guys for over 15 years so it’s a pleasure to reacquaint with all of my old friends there.  What impresses me about Taylor is their ability to try out new ideas like the new V Class bracing and ergonomic features designed by Andy Powers. I got to spend time with him looking at some new designs for release at the January NAMM. This guy really runs his own race and is a truly amazing designer and cool guy. Was also fantastic to hang out with the second-to-none repair department.  Amongst my old friends was Tim Luranc who has been working with Bob Taylor since 1974 when it all began. Tim is retiring next year- what an innings in this industry! #taylorguitars #luthierontour #getoutoftheworkshop #vclassbracing #luthier

“I first became aware of Jeff Mallia’s extraordinary luthier skills when I played an early 20th Century Gibson mandocello that he had done major neck repairs to. I immediately realised that I could trust any vintage instrument I had with him. Over the years he has done significant repairs to my 1989 Dan Crary Signature Taylor and 1969 Martin D-18 guitars and more recently, a major restoration of a recently-acquired 1972 Martin D-28. His eye for detail, historic instrumental knowledge and passion for optimising the sound of every instrument and customising it for the individual player’s style places him second to none amongst the top luthiers in Australia.”

Hunter Owens
Hunter OwensFrom the award-winning duo Hunter & Suzy

“Jeff is the guitar doctor of guitar doctors. I’ve never seen such awesome work – and all done under intense time pressure with a terrific bedside manner.”

David Knopfler
David KnopflerFounding member of Dire Straits

“I have played basses built by Jeff for over 20 years now. The only two basses I own are Mallia 4 strings. I can easily embrace the idea that they’re my life time instruments. He loves what he does and really gets inside what it is you’re looking for as a player. Actually, he challenges you to answer for yourself what it is your’e looking for in the pending instrument. Once you’re both clear on that, he just nails it. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of his instruments. They look and feel great and play beautifully. They respond to subtle variations in touch. I have used them on dozens of albums and hundreds of live performances, etc.”

Steve Hunter
Steve HunterBassist, Composer,

“…just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with the repair you conducted on my dobro neck. I appreciate the effort you went to and realise you could have just given it ‘band-aid’ treatment. Thanks again.”

Jeff King
Jeff KingForeday

“I just wanted to drop you a short line to commend you once again on the terrific job you did on customising my D’aquisto.

Now that I have had it for about 6 weeks and have had the chance to ‘play it in’, it is as if you were able to duplicate the exact picture inside my head and bring it exactly to life. A difficult task for anyone in their chosen field, however, you have demonstrated this ability of listening and reproducing the desired effect as effortlessly as drawing a breath. I am contemplating contacting the original manufacturers to advise them of your expertise, and at the very least, I shall shout your name from the rooftop to any serious guitarist looking for a customised job. Well done.”

Jason Campbell
Jason CampbellJ.C. & The JazzHoppers
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