1924 Martin 000-18 Pyramid Bridge

Here is a small segment of a restoration from my archive that was completed in 2006. I thought it would be an interesting little segment of this repair to show the building of a replica/replacement bridge for the badly damaged original.
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The original bridge had holes on each end right through the pyramid peaks, as well as many cracks and worn holes. Problems with the spruce footprint also dictated the replacement be slightly larger than the original.

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After removal,the original bridge was filled and re shaped to resemble it’s original shape prior to damage occuring. The filler was painted black to allow me to see the bridge in its orioginal form, making it much easier to measure and gauge visually.


7 89

Once the pyramids shapes were done, the centre of the bridge was shaped to finish off the build followed by detail sanding and polishing.


Then back on the guitar! After many years in storage, this guitar went on to a live a very busy life with a new owner. I’ll post the full restoration in a future blog entry.