‘Jordan’ 4-string Bass

Originally designed and built for my young son who gave this model its name, this bass was designed to be a shorter scale instrument yet retains the feel of a regular scale bass. It would work equally well string as a picolo or as a 5 string version with a high C string as opposed to a low B. Light and resonant woods were chosen to allow this bass to speak with a quick attack and richness of tone. I designed and hand built the pickups specifically for the same reason. The Jordan 4 string bass has been played in rock bands, stage bands and full orchestras and handled each setting with authority. A very proud moment was watching my son play this bass with an orchestral arrangement in the Sydney Opera House. I was sitting at the back row and could hear every note clearly. Another notable feature is the exclusive use of Australian native wood species. For more bass designs check out my bass specific site malliabasses.com


Neck: Tasmanian Blackwood/Jarrah with Carbon internal beams
Scale Length: 32.1in / 815.3mm
Fretboard: Ringed Gidgee
Body: Australian Cedar/Figured Tasmanian Murtle
Head Veneers/Rear Cover: Beefwood
Pickup Covers: Beefwood/Figured Yarron
Electronics: Mallia Custom Dual Coil Pickups with Nordstrand 2 Band EQ
Hardware: Hipshot Ultralite tuners and Style A Bridge in Aluminium