1929 Martin 00-40H top crack cleating. 15 minutes to glue up. 3 hours +  of making cleats, caul casting/prep and dry run. #mallialutherie #martin #guitarrestoration #luthier #lutherie #lovemyjob
I  CNC cut a bunch of abalone heart pieces that interlock to form a rosette ring.  Only needed one but ended up cutting all the heart shell pieces I had-enough to make a few more. Should look great. #luthier #australianmade #customguitar #abalone #rosette #mallialutherie #guitarmaking
10 years ago and now!  @isaacwarelutherie was my apprentice back then. Got together had a great laugh and chance to take a new photo. Isaac is currently resident luthier at @theguitarfactory.  I’m so proud of this guy - hardest worker I know, a dedicated family man and talented in many more areas than just Lutherie. We’ll take another shot in ten years....... #Repost @isaacwarelutherie with @get_repost
This is my teacher and mentor Jeff Mallia @mallialutherie . Not much has changed in the last 10 years. What a great night out then and now. He’s still the master and I am the apprentice. #australianluthier #masterapprentice #lovemyjob #guitarfactorygladesville #mercatoecucina
Two 1929 Martin 00-40H’s in at the same time. Originally hawian spec these have been converted to regular style decades ago. One I neck reset years ago in for some bridge and crack work, the other a major restoration currently in progress. A joy to have these in the shop. #martin #martinguitar #guitarrestoration #vintageguitar #whatsonyourbench #luthier #lutherie #guitar #lovemyjob
1938 Martin D-18 bridge footprint repaired, levelled and new period correct bridge made and ready to glue on. The second photo shows a casting of the footprint voids filled by the full sized spruce patch shown in a previous post. #guitarrepair #vintagemartin #martinguitar #guitarrestoration #luthier #martin #whatsonyourbench
What are the chances of  two 1967 Martin D-18’s in at the same time. Only about 150 serial numbers apart. One I’ve worked on a decade ago the other a new friend.  I like the idea of getting to know these guitars over time. #luthier #martinguitar #d18 #whatsonyourbench #guitarrepair #mahogany #lutherie #guitar
Nearly there on another custom bass order. A few more acoustic and electric builds coming this year amongst all the restoration work. #custombass #luthier #lutherie #australianmade #whatsonyourbench
Early 1960’s Gibson ES125. Previous “repairer” used a dowel to fix a loose neck joint then over sprayed a dark tint to hide the dowel. It took a while to soften and scrape away the overspray whilst keeping the original finish underneath intact. Now to rebuild the dovetail, re set the neck/ fill/ touch up the hole in the heel, refret....... #guitarrestoration #guitarrepair #luthier #whatsonyourbench #gibson #es125 #overspray
1938 Martin D-18 Rare Shaded top bridge footprint repair. The last “repairer” left huge gaps under the bridge from missing splinters of spruce. Badly worn pin holes are filled, deep splinters individually patched then a full sized spruce patch is chalk fitted to create a perfectly mating patch that is hide glued in then levelled providing a flat zero gap surface to glue the new bridge on to. Painstaking work but no shortcuts. #vintageguitar #martinguitar #guitarrestoration #restoration #luthier #lutherie #guitarrepair

“I first became aware of Jeff Mallia’s extraordinary luthier skills when I played an early 20th Century Gibson mandocello that he had done major neck repairs to. I immediately realised that I could trust any vintage instrument I had with him. Over the years he has done significant repairs to my 1989 Dan Crary Signature Taylor and 1969 Martin D-18 guitars and more recently, a major restoration of a recently-acquired 1972 Martin D-28. His eye for detail, historic instrumental knowledge and passion for optimising the sound of every instrument and customising it for the individual player’s style places him second to none amongst the top luthiers in Australia.”

Hunter Owens
Hunter OwensFrom the award-winning duo Hunter & Suzy

“Jeff is the guitar doctor of guitar doctors. I’ve never seen such awesome work – and all done under intense time pressure with a terrific bedside manner.”

David Knopfler
David KnopflerFounding member of Dire Straits

“I have played basses built by Jeff for over 20 years now. The only two basses I own are Mallia 4 strings. I can easily embrace the idea that they’re my life time instruments. He loves what he does and really gets inside what it is you’re looking for as a player. Actually, he challenges you to answer for yourself what it is your’e looking for in the pending instrument. Once you’re both clear on that, he just nails it. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of his instruments. They look and feel great and play beautifully. They respond to subtle variations in touch. I have used them on dozens of albums and hundreds of live performances, etc.”

Steve Hunter
Steve HunterBassist, Composer,

“…just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with the repair you conducted on my dobro neck. I appreciate the effort you went to and realise you could have just given it ‘band-aid’ treatment. Thanks again.”

Jeff King
Jeff KingForeday

“I just wanted to drop you a short line to commend you once again on the terrific job you did on customising my D’aquisto.

Now that I have had it for about 6 weeks and have had the chance to ‘play it in’, it is as if you were able to duplicate the exact picture inside my head and bring it exactly to life. A difficult task for anyone in their chosen field, however, you have demonstrated this ability of listening and reproducing the desired effect as effortlessly as drawing a breath. I am contemplating contacting the original manufacturers to advise them of your expertise, and at the very least, I shall shout your name from the rooftop to any serious guitarist looking for a customised job. Well done.”

Jason Campbell
Jason CampbellJ.C. & The JazzHoppers
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